1. XE01 Obscure awakening
    Various artists

  2. XE02 Early researchers EP

  3. XE03 Depths

  4. XE04 Untitled
    No Way Out

  5. XE05 Noises from Hell
    Various Artists

  6. XE06 From Beyond

  7. XE07 Scrap
    21 Gramms

  8. XE08 Burial

  9. XE09 Mašta

  10. XE10 Transmission from dark industry
    Various Artists

  11. XE11 Untitled for Metal
    No Way Out

  12. XE12 Irritating bubbles
    Dangerous Beat

  13. XE13 Nacionalni teror
    Offensive X

  14. XE14 Demons EP
    Dangerous Beat

  15. XE 15 Rising Void
    Various Artists

  16. XE16 Forgotten Stories Of Dark And Cold Places

  17. XE17 Ne EP
    Playing For Oblivion

  18. XE18 Unoperable EP
    Roberto Jiménez Álvarez

  19. XE19 Contamination

  20. XE20 Assault on public
    Various Artists

  21. XE21 Perceiving dark matter
    Asimonde,Stone Wired

  22. XE22 Strikebound
    Xtematic,The Haters

  23. XE23 Infected Shaping
    Xtematic,Stone Wired

  24. XE24 Paschen Series
    Gamma Function,Vilgoć

  25. XE25 Kill modern society !
    Various Artists

  26. XE26 Résonances

  27. XE27 Dimension X
    Marko Markovic

  28. XE28 Unité de Désintégration
    No Way Out

  29. XE29 Death, Destruction and all it's rotten beauty
    Broken Mind

  30. XE30 Transmission from dark industry II
    Various Artists

  31. XE31 C18H19NOS
    hello hello john , scum , xtematic

  32. XE32 Antisocial Block / Noise Jihad
    Antisocial Block,Noise Jihad

  33. XE33 Raped by pop culture
    Dangerous Beat

  34. XE34 Rituals
    Osaati Vare

  35. XE35 Skyline access
    Various artist

  36. XE36 Industrial realism
    Marko Jovich, No Way Out

  37. XE37 Dying light
    Broken Mind

  38. XE38 Broken Steel
    Xtematic, SUPERROR

  39. XE39 Quantum of Time
    Antisocial Block, Gamma Function

  40. XE40 Into hidden visions
    Various artists

    Theo Nugraha, Xtematic

  42. XE42 Statično ludilo

  43. XE43 Secret memory destroyed
    The New Apsurde

  44. XE44 Returning To The Gray Days
    Mare Desiderii

  45. XE45 Our nature
    Various artist

  46. XE46 Obscure Grey Delights

  47. XE47 Black finger
    Thomas Bannier

  48. XE48 Between Two Worlds


Xernex Osijek, Croatia

Label for dark/cold/industrial/experimental/abstract music/noise , founded by Marko Jovic in 2013

Contact: xtematic@gmail.com or marko505647@net.hr

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